5 Minute Practices for the Body, Mind and Soul

When we think about adding new behaviours and habits into our lives the biggest barrier to actually doing them is TIME. Most of us don’t feel we have enough of it with all that we juggle in our daily lives. In terms of our health, our self care practices often go to the bottom of the list and thus don’t get done. What I recommend is changing your perspective on how much time you actually need to do something for it to be of benefit. We know that even seconds of a practice can be beneficial for your Body, Mind and Soul. Such as taking a deep breath, doing a yoga pose or having a laugh. Remember that the little things are where true transformation resides. Finding 5 minutes in your day to do something positive for yourself is not only worthwhile but is also the important stepping stone to lasting change and wellness. Here are a few 5 Minute Practices to get you going. 

Gratitude Journal 

A gratitude journal is a wonderful practice and all you need is a pen and paper. Get a journal you like, even a scribbler or note pad will do. Put this pen and paper in a place where you will remember to do it. Once you start this practice the actual sight of your journal will lift your spirits and encourage you to write. Now simply right 5 Things you are grateful for that day. Nothing is too small to mention and be as descriptive as you want or simply right down 5 words. This can help to lift your mood, feel a sense of calm and feel connected. 


Take a step outside. Whether it be first thing in the morning which can help set a nice tone for the day, it can be during a break at work or while doing some errands. Look for five minutes somewhere near where you live or work, your backyard, a city park or garden, stopping at a nearby beach, even looking at a house plant or touching some stones or shells you may have gathered at one time etc. Just take time to connect and ground yourself with nature. Even if you don’t get out of your car, park and enjoy, roll down the window and breath in the fresh air, walk barefoot on grass or touch a tree, smell a flower. A beautiful and uplifting practice in mindfulness that you don’t need to take much time for. 


Play your favourite song. Can do this in the car, at home, in your office at work. Not only that, be sure it’s one that makes you want to move. Now get up and dance! Who doesn’t love to dance. Have fun with it, get the kids involved, grab a partner or simply have a dance party for one. This gets you moving, especially if you sit a lot during the day. Music is easy to access nowadays and the skies the limit in terms of what and where you can play a song from. Guaranteed this will make you smile and feel great, body mind and soul. Give yourself permission to have fun. Specific forms of dancing like NIA and 5 Rhythms really explore this holistic connection to dance and are worth looking into.


Get up or stay seated and stretch. Cats stretch for a reason, it feels good. Not only that it helps us to loosen up physically and emotionally. Strike a yoga pose like a downward dog or child’s pose, reach for the sky and touch your toys, twist and shout, so many ways to stretch. When you stretch remember your breath and really hold your stretch to get the full benefit. Sometimes when stretching we rush through the movements to get them done. Think quality and not quantity when stretching. There is no shortage of guided videos you can access online. 

Nap Time 

Take 5 minutes and simply close your eyes. In the washroom, office, a parked car, a city bench, your couch or favourite chair. Just let yourself relax and slow down. A quick “nap” can help you recharge when you may be experiencing an energy slump, it can get you to disconnect from the daily grind and unwind. This helps you reconnect with yourself. Think about your breath while you do this and you can also look at this as a form of meditation. You can play a short meditation from Apps like Calm and Insight Timer if you like more structure. Minutes regularly spent like this will provide a lifetime of returns. 

So you see. 5 minutes can be more than enough to reset and recharge and so much easier to attain in the run of the day. Taking time for yourself is not only important but it is so very necessary for your overall health and well being. When we think we have to “Go Big” and commit large amounts of time to an activity it can often deter us from ever getting started. We can all find five minutes. The more you do that, the more time will start to become available to you… and your Body, Mind and Soul will thank you for it. 

Be Well,